Struggling to find professional electrical maintenance services in Manchester that you can trust? Choose RFM Trading. Here at RFM Trading, we have a wide range of experienced and qualified professionals on hand to carry out your routine maintenance requirements and tackle an extensive selection of electrical repairs. 

Offering complete asset security with our thorough yet affordable service-focused maintenance contracts, you can get in touch with our specialist team day or night, 365 days a year. With all work covered by a reassuring 12-month component and installation guarantee, we put your property (and the safety of your tenants!) first. 

What is an electrical maintenance service?

An electrical maintenance service typically refers to any service that repairs, troubleshoots, or maintains electrical equipment. While these services are most commonly used to maintain equipment in industrial and commercial buildings, they can also be utilised by landlords to take the hassle and stress out of ensuring the electrical equipment in their rented-out properties is safe. 

Installed electrical equipment within residential homes that often require regular testing and maintenance can include electrical ovens, fireplaces, washing machines, tumble dryers, outlets, extension leads, and more. These tests can help to spot small areas of concern before they become bigger, more dangerous issues, while also ensuring these devices are fully functional and reliable. 

Why do landlords need an electrical maintenance service?

Regardless of where your buy-to-let property is located in the UK, landlords have a legal obligation to keep their tenants safe. Electrical Safety First therefore recommends that landlords have the electrical installations at their properties inspected every five years by a qualified person, such as a registered electrician. 

At the end of this inspection, the registered electrician will present the landlord with an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) that will determine whether the installation is safe or requires any suggested or urgent repairs. Intermittent electrical maintenance can help to provide further peace of mind for both landlords and tenants. 

Not only does UK law require electrical equipment to be maintained to prevent danger, but enlisting professionals to conduct routine tests and maintenance can help landlords to increase tenant satisfaction, too. Ultimately, this can help to combat complaints from tenants and lessen rental void periods as you build a reputation for being a safe and considerate landlord. 

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