It’s easy to only carry out work on a property when problems arise but this can be an expensive approach to property maintenance. By conducting regular maintenance checks you can stay on top of areas of your home that might need more attention and keep an eye on what might need replacing in the near future.

External property maintenance checks

The summer is a great time to carry out property maintenance checks. With the better weather, warmer temperatures and longer, lighter days some of the tasks that can seem like hard work in the colder months are made easier. Why not make the most of a warm and sunny day and start your property checks outside? Simple tasks like mowing the lawn, de-weeding and cutting back any overgrown bushes and plants can make a world of difference. Even if you’re not particularly green-fingered it’s important you do some sort of garden maintenance; overgrown trees and plants can block light for yourself and your neighbours (which they have a right to, see and could begin to grow over on to your neighbours property and eventually put strain on any fences between your property and next door. Avoid neighbour disputes and costly repairs by keeping anything growing in your garden pruned and trimmed back.

Windows, gutters and fascias

Pressure washing decking, patios, driveways and paths is another worthwhile summer’s day home maintenance task, as is washing windows and cleaning window frames, fascia and soffit boards and uPVC doors. Ensure you use the correct equipment and take the necessary safety precautions when using ladders to access hard to reach areas such as the upstairs windows and facias. Whilst your up there, clearing out the gutters is an essential property maintenance job that could save you a lot of money and effort down the line. Leaves and other debris collects in gutters and over time, if it’s not cleared out, it can cause blockages and even cracks and leaks in the gutters themselves due to the weight of the growing dirt.

Timber, render and brickwork

Older properties may have timber window frames, doors, fascias and soffits. As well as a clean these they may need repainting. It is essential you use the correct paint for the job, but also that you prepare the area first. Scrap away the old rotten paint and use a heat gun if necessary. If the paint work is still in reasonable condition, rub down using a fine grade sandpaper prior to painting. Similarly, it is not enough to simply paint over cracked rendering or mould growth on external walls; you will need to properly clean the surface. A pressure washer and fungicidal wash should be used for the best results. Holes or cracks in the render should be filled and any loose bricks knocked out and replaced. If left untreated, moisture will get in and could cause much bigger structural damage to your property. Use a wire brush to clean render before repainting and use a suitable masonry paint.

Top tip: do not paint when the sun is hot as it will dry too quickly and result in an uneven and bobbly finish.

Professional help with property maintenance

We appreciate that property maintenance is labour-intensive and time-consuming. It can also be daunting work when you’re doing things for the first time and you’re worried about making a mess of it. At RFM Trading we can conduct your property maintenance work for you. From the initial checks and recommendations of what needs doing, to carrying out the tasks themselves. We work with many property owners and most often landlords across the North West to help ensure their investment is in tip top condition. Nobody wants to spend money on property repairs but if you don’t keep on top of simple maintenance issues they can quickly grow into bigger problems. Bite the bullet and employ the services of RFM. Our local, reliable and experienced tradesmen will ensure your property is looking its best and any unexpected issues are kept to a minimum.

If you’re a landlord we offer a service contract, dependent on the number of properties you own, as well as 24/7 emergency call-out and an out-of-hours assistance.

Call us on 0161 707 6106 to discuss your property maintenance project.

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