Keen to keep your buy-to-let property in optimum condition?  

Here at RFM Trading, we know that regular and comprehensive maintenance is key.  

Having worked closely with, and alongside, landlords for years, we’ve provided a wide range of maintenance services including tiling, plumbing, electrical works, lock changes and more for tenanted properties in the North West. 

What is property maintenance?

Property maintenance simply refers to the upkeep involved in ensuring a property is fully functional and operating as it should. As the name suggests, the goal is to ‘maintain’ the existing condition of the property, but sometimes, required repairs can improve the appeal and value of the property. 

For example, if a new, more efficient boiler is required to replace the previous, malfunctioning model, this would add value to the property, too. Property maintenance is therefore not only designed to keep tenants safe and happy, but it also benefits the landlord by ensuring the property retains, or even grows in, value. 

Why is property maintenance important?

Regular property maintenance conducted by qualified professionals is not only beneficial for tenant satisfaction and reducing rental void periods, but ensuring tenant safety is actually a legal obligation for landlords 

They have a duty of care to their tenants and must therefore provide them with accommodation that is safe and free from health hazards. 

Because property maintenance involves the repairing of smaller issues before they create more damage to the property, or at least become more difficult and time-consuming to remedy, this maintenance helps to prevent potential safety hazards from developing.  

Property maintenance, both general and emergency, is therefore vital for making sure the rental property is fit for habitation.  

What’s the difference between general and emergency call-outs?

A general maintenance call-out refers to repairs that can be undertaken without urgency, while emergency call-outs are reserved for more serious issues that cannot be left to develop on their own. 

Put simply, the former aims to identify and fix smaller repairs throughout the property and the latter targets more serious, unexpected issues that can occur at any time, day or night.  

Emergency call-outs are therefore also commonly referred to as out-of-hours call-outs because burst pipes cannot be left to flood the property from midnight till morning. 

 General call-outs will tackle more common maintenance issues and repairs, such as leaky taps and the odd loose floorboard. 

Emergency call-outs tend to come with a higher charge and will be required to handle more substantial repairs and property problems like break-ins. These more urgent issues must be dealt with as swiftly as possible to help minimise damage and protect the property itself as well as the tenants within. 

In the event of an emergency repair, a speedy response from the relevant qualified professionals is essential. Leaving the property to sustain further damage will only increase the time and cost involved in resolving the issue.   

Instead, we suggest entering into a property maintenance contract that provides emergency and out-of-hours call-outs that you can rely on when you (and your tenants!) really need them. 

Here at RFM Trading, we offer a 24/7 emergency and out-of-hours call-out service that aims to give landlords and their tenants peace of mind in the form of security and safety. Our emergency call-out service can be used to cover the repair of electrical faults, boiler breakdowns, burst pipes, leaks, and break-ins. 

Not to mention, we also aim to provide unmatched customer support with response times of just one hour from the call being acknowledged and ensuring telephone reassurance is available for any non-emergency issues. 

How to minimise property maintenance costs

Regardless of whether you manage one buy-to-let property or have a whole portfolio of rented-out properties to keep on top of, sticking to a budget can be difficult – especially when it comes to maintaining your assets. Below, we explore just a few ways that you, as a landlord, can help to minimise property maintenance costs. 

Quarterly inspections

Keeping a close eye on your property investment is one of the best ways to ensure it is kept in prime condition. We therefore recommend conducting quarterly inspections because these routine checks throughout the year help to identify any developing problems and rectify them before they become bigger, more expensive and time-consuming issues. 

Preventive maintenance

Waiting for smaller issues to develop into bigger problems is never a wise idea if you want to protect your asset and your tenants.  

Instead, we recommend preventive maintenance. This approach involves conducting regular maintenance activity that reduces the risk of issues in the future.  

Put another way, preventive maintenance aims to repair an item or system before it breaks. 

Investing in efficient equipment

Similar to preventive maintenance, investing in efficient equipment can also help to prevent costly and time-consuming repairs arising in the future. For example, opting for more efficient boiler systems and white goods, before the tenancy begins can dramatically reduce the number of emergency call-outs because these systems and appliances require minimal maintenance and typically won’t need to be replaced for years. 

Property maintenance contracts with RFM Trading 

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